Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Uluru- One of my WOW moments!

After arriving in Sydney and finding a job i had to wait for my security checks to go through so I decided to do a 4 day tour of Uluru. It was amazing!!!!

I landed in Uluru airport to be greeted by my friendly tour guide from Mulga Adventures and boarded the small mini bus. There were a mixture of backpackers from Europe and Asia and I made friends with them all!

Our first stop was Uluru to walk around the base and listen to the aboriginal stories, The actual landscape was so different to anything I have seen. Proper desert like with small trees and cactus and of course the big rock in the distance:

The was was lovely and after, we were chauffeured to a spot to see the sunset. We were given wine and snacks to watch the sunset.

Then it was time to go to our campsite and have dinner which was BBQ'd and I was surprised about the quality of the veggie options. After chatting for a while it was time to spend my first night in my swag (an outside sleeping bag). We slept outside round a campfire and the stars were phenomenal. I was the only one that didn't find it cold and I also heard dingos coming through are camp at night.

The next morning we were up really early to drive to a spot to watch the sunrise:

Then we were off for our three hour bus ride to Kata Tjuta. This was another rock formation up further north.

We then went on a hike. We saw some wildlife and our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the wildlife and the land. 

It was then time for our next camp and BBQ dinner followed by another night out under the stars.

Our next day was another bus journey to Kings Canyon. 

On the way we stopped off to see a pink salt lake:

We arrived at kings Canyon for sunrise and went an another day hike:

The scenery was stunning and it stretched for miles.

After our day trip it was time to go to camp and have dinner and a campfire:

Then another night sleeping under the stars.

The next day the europeans left to go back to Alice Springs and I was left with my new South Korean and Malaysian friends. 

We had another night camping so we went back towards Uluru but to a different camp site about 2 hours before Uluru where the only petrol station is for hundreds of miles.

We cooked everything on the campfire this time and the food was delicious. Then our guide had a special camera and took pictures of us under the stars:

Then our final night under the stars where I heard dingos and cows all night. 

Finally it was time to go. We stopped off at a camel sanctuary on the way back and was then dropped off at the airport really early. We waited in the airport for two hours only to be told a bird had flown into the engine of the plane so we were in the smallest airport for another 4 hours. Not the best ending to my amazing trip. 

The Northern Territories were amazing and it was my favourite part of Australia. You should definitely visit if you ever get the chance. 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Brisbane- A bit like Glasgow!

I landed in Brisbane and caught the train into the city to a suburb called Hillend...yes it was really hilly! I walked up a hill for ages looking for my Air B&B until finally I found my queenslander home. It was built on stilts and made entirely of wood. The first thing I noticed, was that it was advertised as a spanish school...Not what was advertised in Air B&B! I went in, to find the living room had been converted into a spanish school room with a load of people learning spanish from the owner. She was really nice and showed me to my room. All I could hear was spanish, so I went out to find food and explore. Well it looked a lot like Glasgow to me for some reason. It seemed quite studenty and had  large wide roads with massive buildings. I didn't really like it. It didn't wow me! I found dinner and went back, thankfully she stops teaching spanish at 9pm at night. I had a nice chat with my host who was originally from South America and can't travel much so likes having different nationalities around. She was an older lady and had a boyfriend who was German and like 30 years younger then her. I thought it was her son when I first met them 😅 well good on her! She did also have a nephew staying too.

The next day I went to explore Brisbane and see if I could actually like this city.

I wondered first to Southside and came across a man-made beach. It was being renovated but some of it was open.

The river was pretty.

I then went to the modern art gallery which was free and wondered the centre looking at the shops.

In the evening I went back to Southside.

Then I headed back and chatted to my host on her veranda.

The next day I decided to check out the gold coast. I had to take a 40 minute train to Broadbeach. This was very like a touristy beach town with mainly holiday homes and skyscrapers, but I did see a bat!

The beach was pretty cool and was silhouetted with skyscrapers.

I walked all the way to Surfers Paradise. I did quite like this beach and as it was winter wasn't crowded. Then the sun set and it was time to go home.

The next day I spent it with my friend Ana, who I met in Nepal. I met up with her and we had some food in the city and she drove me to Kangaroo Point and hanged out in her apartment. There wasn't much else to do in Brisbane but it was nice seeing her again and she showed me a bit more of the city.

Overall I didn't find much to do in Brisbane, maybe it was because it was winter and most people come in summer and I also didn't have a car to explore a bit further, but it didn't really excite me as a city. It just looked like any other city! The Gold Coast was nice as I am not used to skyscraper backdrops (like in Miami) but now that I have been in Australia, a beach is just a beach. I do know a lot of people who went to live there and found it to be a nice place to live, which I think could be true but not the most exciting destination to go on holiday unless you love the beach every day!